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№6 - Tiga - Essential Mix 2009-04-04

Написала Frost

Сегодня ночью было сие творение

This week’s Essential Mix comes compliments of DJ/producer/vocalist Tiga, hailing from Montreal, Canada. As he says, he plays «techno records, house records, disco records and a little bit of everything», so expect a mixed bag of electronic music over the next two hours.
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№4 - Essential Mix - Mr Scruff

Написала Frost

Step this way for two hours inside the mind of one of the UK's best loved live DJs. His Keep It Unreal nights in Manchester and beyond are the stuff of legend. As are his releases on Ninja Tune, such as 'Get A Move On' and 'Trouser Jazz'. Expect anything and everything from funk, disco and soul to hip hop, dubstep and house!

Рекомендовано к прослушиванию!!!

UPD: записал со спутнега
наконец то легендарные есеншилы стали исправляться в лучшую сторону
скоро еще будут приятные миксы… выложу

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№1 - Greg Wilson - Essential Mix

Написала Frost

Greg Wilson was one of the first DJs in the UK to mix two records together. He was a resident at the legendary Wigan Pier in the 1970-s and 1980-s. In 1983 he became the first DJ to host a weekly dance music night at Manchester Hacienda. Greg was the first DJ to mix live on British TV. He stopped DJing in 1984, but picked up his headphones again in 2003, playing at the likes of The Electric Chair, Fabric and Basics to widespread acclaim.

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