Memory to Keith Flint

В ночь со вторника на среду на радио Курс в «Часе независимой музыки» Алексея Иванова мы слушаем микс «Memory to Keith Flint».
1. The Prodigy — Baby's Got a Temper (Main Mix) ‘2002
2. The Prodigy — Serial Thrilla (The Fat of the Land’1997)
3. The Prodigy — Razor (Their Law: The Singles 1990–2005’2005)
4. The Prodigy — Get Your Fight On (The Day Is My Enemy’2015)
5. The Prodigy — Take Me To The Hospital (Invaders Must Die’2009)
6. The Prodigy — We Live Forever (No Tourists’2018)
7. The Prodigy — Give Me a Signal (feat. Barns Courtney) (No Tourists’2018)
8. The Prodigy — Breathe (The Fat of the Land’1997)
9. The Prodigy — World's On Fire (Invaders Must Die’2009)
10. Clever Brains Fryin' — Oozy (feat. Flint) ‘2003
11. The Prodigy — Rebel Radio (The Day Is My Enemy’2015)
12. The Prodigy — Firestarter (The Fat of the Land’1997)
13. The Prodigy – Nasty (The Day Is My Enemy’2015)
14. The Prodigy — Omen (Invaders Must Die’2009)
15. The Prodigy — Ibiza (feat. Sleaford Mods) (The Day Is My Enemy’2015)
16. The Prodigy — Hotride (El Batori Mix) ‘2004
17. The Prodigy — Rok-Weiler (The Day Is My Enemy’2015)
18. Flint — Aim 4 ‘2003
19. The Prodigy — Champions Of London (No Tourists’2018)
20. The Prodigy — Fuel My Fire (The Fat of the Land’1997)
21. The Prodigy — Run With The Wolves (Invaders Must Die’2009)
22. The Prodigy — Wall of Death (The Day Is My Enemy’2015)
23. The Prodigy — Invisible Sun (The Day Is My Enemy’2015)
24. Clever Brains Fryin' — Mix for Godskitchen (livin life, hard drive, hard drive (boot), plastic) ‘2003

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